Achieving SOC 2 compliance is cause for celebration.

It’s a huge undertaking and a major milestone when you finally have that SOC 2 report in hand.

But you can’t just pop some champagne, sit back, and put compliance on the back burner.

Because SOC 2 reports need to stay current, you’ll need to undergo an annual audit. That means doing all of the work to implement, monitor, and document new controls and policies all over again.

Maintaining compliance can take hundreds of hours and tons of tedious manual tasks. Plus, the more your company scales, the more complex compliance can become.

Every new vendor, contractor, employee, and customer requires more security controls.

Compliance automation software can save your team the process of preparing for a SOC 2 audit every year, automating 80% of the work.

Here are a few of the ways our platform makes maintaining compliance simple and stress-free.

Automated, Continuous Evidence Collection

Out platform automatically pulls evidence throughout the year. Any additional evidence can be quickly uploaded and classified within a Data Room to share with your auditor.

Our software also provides real-time alerts on non-conformities. We'll provide detailed guidance so you never risk falling out of compliance.

Onboarding Vendors and Employees

New employees can easily onboard themselves through seamless workflows. It'll save you both time while ensuring proper security training, background checks, and policy acceptance.

Anytime you bring on a new employee or vendor, our platform alerts you if there’s a vulnerability. Get detailed guidance so you can fix it quickly and stay compliant.

Multi-Framework Compliance

Because tests are done at an atomic level, your controls can be mapped to other frameworks. This means it's much faster and easier to become compliant with other security standards. By achieving compliance for SOC 2, you’re 80% of the way to ISO 27001 compliance. You'll unlock even more opportunities for growth in international markets.