Secureframe AI

Harness the power of AI to automate manual compliance tasks


Comply AI for Remediation

Comply AI for remediation improves the ease and speed of fixing failing controls in your cloud environment to improve test pass rate and get audit ready. Leverage auto-generated fixes for infrastructure as code so you can easily copy, paste, and deploy fixes to your cloud environment.

Comply AI for Risk

Automate the risk assessment process to save time and resources with Comply AI for Risk. Using a risk description, Comply AI for Risk produces an inherent risk score, treatment plan, and residual risk score so organizations can improve their risk awareness and response.

Comply AI for Policies

Leverage generative AI to save hours writing and refining policies with Comply AI for Policies. Easily edit and revise your policies using the AI-powered text editor to create clear and polished policies that align with the tone and voice of your organization.


Comply AI for Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

Comply AI for VRM streamlines the vendor review process by automatically extracting answers from vendor documents like SOC 2 reports for security reviews. Secureframe will then populate suggested answers to the platform for you to review.


Comply AI for Control Mapping

Leverage advanced machine learning and natural language processing to intelligently suggest control mappings to frameworks and risk assessments, reducing manual efforts and freeing up time for your teams.

Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation

Leverage machine learning-powered automation to save hundreds of hours answering RFPs and security questionnaires. Questionnaire Automation pulls the best answers for questions based on information hosted in Secureframe Comply and past responses to questionnaires in your Knowledge Base, so you can save time and grow your business.


“With Comply AI we’re able to save valuable time remediating cloud misconfigurations. This not only makes preparing for our audits easier — it will also help us achieve optimal security and compliance results that drive our business forward."

Jay DeuskarCTO, PrizePicks