Achieve and maintain CCPA and CPRA compliance with speed and ease

Secureframe enables compliance to the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) so you can focus on growing your business, customers and revenue.


Maintain compliance with California data privacy laws

CCPA is required for all businesses that target or collect the personal data of California residents. Comply with the various privacy requirements and maintain security controls required by CCPA to avoid costly fines.

Ensure you are CCPA and CPRA compliant

Secureframe simplifies CCPA requirements so you know exactly what steps you need to take. Save time, strengthen your security, and confidently achieve compliance. 

End-to-end compliance

Meet our dedicated customer support team, set up your CCPA policies, and train your employees. 

Automated cloud scanning

Connect your cloud services to automatically check if you are configured for CCPA.  

Continuous monitoring

Continuously monitor your security controls to ensure you stay compliant and avoid fines. 

We’re ready to help


Set up CCPA policies and procedures fast

We help you design CCPA policies and procedures that are right for your business. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish them to your personnel for review.

Key benefits

  • Access dozens of policies developed and vetted by our in-house compliance experts and auditors, designed to withstand regulatory inspection
  • Easily publish policies for your personnel to review and acknowledge through the Secureframe platform
  • Gain expert guidance from compliance industry veterans and former privacy and information security professionals

Train personnel with proprietary CCPA training from Secureframe

CCPA training can be expensive and complex. We’ve built our own proprietary CCPA training for personnel working with CCPA-protected data and those responsible for protecting it so you get everything you need from one platform.

Key benefits

  • Complete complex regulatory training within 30 minutes
  • Educate each of your departments on their responsibilities around collecting, processing, and/or transferring CCPA-protected data
  • Track employee training completion automatically in Secureframe’s platform

Stay in compliance with CCPA requirements

We help you maintain compliance by staying current on the latest regulations and updating our frameworks accordingly. As new policies, procedures, or other requirements are added to CCPA, our platform is updated.

Key benefits

  • Automatically collect evidence and review processes for compliance assessments
  • Stay current with any changes to CCPA and CPRA requirements
  • Ensure automatic, continuous security control assessment through our 150+ integrations

“The security training videos Secureframe provides have made tracking compliance across our employees incredibly easy. We're so excited that Secureframe has expanded its service offerings to GDPR and CCPA. We are confident Secureframe will continue to help Haystack achieve and maintain its future compliance needs seamlessly.”

Yingsong WangInformation System Security Engineer, Haystack Team Inc

Let’s get started together


CCPA Compliance Checklist

Get an interactive checklist to help you gauge your organization’s level of CCPA compliance and identify and remedy any gaps.

End-to-end compliance right at your fingertips

Automated tests, continuous monitoring, and risk management with the support you need — all in one place.


Spend less time on compliance

Easily comply with CCPA and strengthen your security posture with automated evidence collection and real-time monitoring. 


Use credibility to grow your business

Demonstrate your security posture and save time responding to security questionnaires to build customer confidence and accelerate sales.


Spend less time on compliance

Easily comply with CCPA and strengthen your security posture with automated evidence collection and real-time monitoring.