Manage and reduce cybersecurity risk with NIST CSF compliance

Secureframe helps organizations that work with the U.S. federal government to understand compliance requirements, manage controls, streamline workflows, and automate tasks and evidence collection to get NIST CSF compliant quickly and easily.

Everything you need to achieve and maintain NIST CSF compliance

Set up

policies and procedures required to meet NIST CSF requirements


and track employee completion automatically with proprietary training


your organization’s regulatory, legal, financial, and cybersecurity risk


and maintain continuous compliance with NIST CSF requirements

NIST CSF: Manage and mitigate IT infrastructure risk

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) helps organizations understand risk and improve their cybersecurity programs. Created by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST CSF provides a flexible framework that any organization can use to create and maintain a robust information security program. NIST CSF compliance is required for any organization that works with the US federal government, institutions supported by federal grants or within the supply chain for a federal agency.

NIST CSF compliance divides all cybersecurity activities into five categories:

  1. Identify: Which information assets need to be protected?
  2. Protect: What are the appropriate safeguards for each asset?
  3. Detect: How will threats and incidents be identified and tracked?
  4. Respond: How will the organization respond in the event of an incident or breach to lessen the impact?
  5. Recover: How will services be restored in the event of an incident or breach?

How it works

Secureframe’s security and privacy compliance automation platform helps companies achieve and maintain NIST CSF compliance with speed and ease. We streamline the compliance process by providing policies and procedures vetted by NIST experts, proprietary security awareness, and data privacy training for automated employee compliance and everything else you need to get compliant fast.

Meet your dedicated account manager

Set up your NIST CSF-compliant policies and procedures

Train personnel on security and data privacy requirements

Complete your NIST CSF readiness assessment

Continuously monitor and maintain NIST CSF compliance

Interested in NIST CSF compliance?

Set up NIST CSF policies and procedures fast

We provide NIST CSF policies and procedures that meet compliance standards. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish them to your personnel for review.

Key benefits

  • Access dozens of policies developed and vetted by our in-house compliance experts and auditors, designed to withstand regulatory inspection
  • Easily publish policies for your personnel to review and acknowledge through the Secureframe platform

Set up custom and automated tests

Leverage our pre-built tests or create custom upload tests for your organization’s unique processes, policies, and controls to achieve NIST CSF compliance.

Key benefits

  • View and manage NIST CSF tests in a single place
  • Create custom tests to cover a use case specific to your business
  • Assign owners to tests to ensure failing tests are remediated quickly
  • Access best practice remediation steps for pre-built tests

Easily maintain NIST CSF compliance

Our platform is updated to meet the NIST CSF framework and standards to help you stay current and maintain compliance.

Key benefits

  • Automatically collect evidence and review processes for compliance assessments
  • Stay current with any changes to the NIST CSF framework

Easily onboard and offboard your employees

Our workflows streamline the on- and offboarding process for your employees. Easily track that your team has completed background checks, privacy training, and acceptance of security policies—all through our progress dashboard.

Key benefits

  • Accelerate employee onboarding with our automated self-serve process
  • View employee progress across key security and privacy areas through our reports and dashboards

Ready to streamline your NIST CSF compliance?