Months of planning, preparation, and auditing all culminate in one thing: the AICPA SOC 2 report. 

This document is the final result of your audit, and it helps provide insights and assurance about the operating effectiveness of your internal controls and how they ensure data security and privacy. 

Understanding what a SOC 2 report covers, why it’s important, and the differences between a Type I and Type II report can help you make the most of your report and instill confidence in your customers. 

Here is everything you need to know.

What is a SOC 2 Report?

Make sense of the different types of SOC 2 reports and find out what's included in each one.  

What Does a SOC 2 Report Cover?

Audit reports can include 100+ pages of detailed information. Get a breakdown of what’s included in the different sections of a SOC 2 attestation report. 

A Real-World SOC 2 Report Example

Review an example of an actual SOC 2 report to help you prepare for your audit. 

SOC 2 Report Validity

Find out how long SOC 2 reports are valid for and understand the reasons why. 

Common SOC 2 Audit Exceptions and How to Avoid Them

Learn what an audit exception is and how they affect your SOC 2 compliance.

What is a SOC 2 Bridge Letter? + Template

Learn what bridge letters are and how they can be a helpful addition to your compliance toolkit.