Questionnaire Automation

Grow your business fast with automated questionnaires

Save hundreds of hours answering RFPs and security questionnaires with Secureframe’s machine learning-powered automation.

How it works

RFPs and security questionnaires are a crucial step in the vendor selection process, helping potential customers understand your security, privacy and compliance posture. But answering RFPs and questionnaires is cumbersome and repetitive, slowing down your team and taking their focus off other priorities. Secureframe streamlines and automates the process of managing and completing security questionnaires.


the RFPs and security questionnaires you receive, then tag the questions and answers


answers to security questions with powerful machine learning from Secureframe


completed RFPs and questionnaires back with customers in their original format


with in-house SMEs to keep your questions and answers always up-to-date

Fill out RFPs and security questionnaires fast with AI

Secureframe’s machine learning-powered automation pulls the best answers to questions via generative AI. It pulls information from details in Secureframe Comply and your Knowledge Base, and auto-generates suggested answers for review so you can focus on your customers and grow your business.

Trust AI assists with filling out questionnaires and RFPs

Keep security answers up-to-date

Answers to security questions are kept up-to-date and easily tagged for editing by your subject matter experts in the Secureframe Knowledge Base, which serves as your privacy, security and compliance system of record.

Questionnaire dashboard in Secureframe

Close deals faster

Download your completed questionnaire along with any attachments as a zip file, including all answers, evidence, and policies – all in a neatly packaged output, ready for submission or review. Secureframe’s automation makes it fast and easy to respond to RFPs and security questionnaires, and accelerate speed to revenue.

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