When it comes to data security, there is no “set it and forget it.” It needs to be integral to your company’s culture. You need to train new employees and maintain your processes and controls over time. You also need to stay aware of new infosec issues and challenges that are emerging in your landscape.

That said, attaining a SOC 2 report is no small feat.

Once you’ve achieved compliance, how long is a SOC 2 report valid for?

The opinion stated in a SOC 2 report is typically accepted for twelve months following the date the SOC 2 report was issued.

Technically, SOC 2 reports don’t expire. But customers could reject it as outdated if too much time has elapsed. Because of this, the vast majority of companies renew every year.

SOC 2 certification is valued by potential customers precisely because it needs to be renewed frequently. They don’t care how secure your systems and processes were two or three years ago — they want to know how they perform today.

Because the SOC 2 report is typically only valid for 12 months, it helps ensure that controls are followed and implemented properly over the long term. This makes it a lot easier for customers to trust you with their data.

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