Third-Party Risk Management

Monitor and manage your third-party vendor relationships with Secureframe. Keep track of your vendors and their potential risks to make sure your sensitive data is safe.

Reduce Your Third-Party Risk

Continuously monitor and track your vendors’ security posture so you can do business with minimal risk.

Centralized third-party risk management

You can find information about each vendor in your dashboard. Find details like vendor profiles, vendor risk assessments, document attachments, and vendor history logs in the vendor tab in-app.

Continuously monitor your vendor risk

Ongoing monitoring is key to maintaining a secure vendor ecosystem. Secureframe helps uncover shadow IT by automatically detecting apps accessed by employees via SSO if employees access services not on the vendor list, ensuring that your active vendor list stays up-to-date. Users can also set up recurring reviews based on risk level, and set up tasks and notifications via Jira and Slack.

Comply AI for TPRM

Leverage Comply AI to automatically extract relevant answers to security review questions from vendor documents like SOC 2 reports and policies. Secureframe will then populate suggested answers to the platform for you to review.

Customize your third-party risk program

Users have the ability to create custom scores, tags, departments, and risk assessments.