Secureframe Controls give you a complete view into your compliance program across all frameworks.

Comprehensive view into your security posture

Access a full list of controls that apply to your organization. Monitor control health and see which framework requirements and tests are mapped to each of your controls.

Save time with common controls

With common controls, you can map one control across multiple framework requirements, so your team can avoid doing duplicate work. All Secureframe-authored frameworks utilize common controls to ensure a sleek compliance program.

Customize your controls

Create custom controls that map to framework requirements, and adjust test mappings to create the compliance program that works best for your organization.

Tailor mappings to your needs with Comply AI for Control Mapping

Map pre-built or custom controls and automated tests to your custom frameworks to ensure that your compliance program reflects your unique security posture accurately. Use advanced machine learning and natural language processing to intelligently suggest control mappings to frameworks and risk assessment with Comply AI for Control Mapping.

Faster Remediation with Comply AI for Remediation

Assess the health status of each control, see mapped framework requirements and tests, assign owners, and find AI-generated remediation guidance through Comply AI for Remediation for failing controls.

How it works

Here’s how we approach compliance - framework requirements represent the compliance obligations that organizations must meet, controls serve as the means by which organizations meet these requirements, and tests provide evidence of adherence to these requirements.