Achieving SOC 2 compliance is a significant milestone for any company.

It unlocks massive growth, proving to customers your security program will keep you both protected.

But companies that see compliance as just a set of boxes to check risk leaving themselves and their customers vulnerable.

Placing your focus on enhancing your overall security posture will make you actually secure, not just secure on paper. The compliance audit will simply confirm the ironclad protocols you already have in place.

Compliance automation software can be an asset for optimizing your entire internal security program, not just for streamlining the official compliance process. And it can help ensure you stay secure as you scale.

Here’s how Secureframe helps companies go beyond compliance to implement best-in-class security:

Risk Monitoring and Mitigation

Create, monitor, and review risks on an ongoing basis with our Risk Questionnaire and Risk Register. Easily view, add, and update existing risks, and keep track of your risk history, to stay compliant with SOC 2 requirements.

Continuous Infrastructure Scanning and Alerts

Our platform continuously scans and monitors your tech stack for vulnerabilities. Anytime something falls out of compliance you’ll get an alert, along with steps to remediate the issue so you know it’s done right.

Vendor Access Controls

Secureframe integrates with 100+ core vendors and services. We'll fetch their security data and help you conduct risk assessments. Our platform also highlights which employees can access which vendors, including former employees.

In-House Security and Compliance Experts

We provide each of our customers with a dedicated compliance manager for end-to-end support. With 50+ years of experience, our team will help you implement security best practices tailored for your unique tech stack.