Automate and streamline HIPAA compliance

Secureframe automates and streamlines compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Streamline your healthcare compliance program

HIPAA is required for modern healthcare plans, providers, insurers, and clearinghouses, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. Put the right safeguards in place to ensure protected health information (PHI) stays protected.

Establish the right policies and processes for HIPAA compliance 

Secureframe makes it easy to set up your HIPAA policies. Save time managing your employees, vendors, and assets and achieve compliance effortlessly.

End-to-end compliance

Meet our dedicated customer support team, set up your HIPAA policies, and train your employees.

Easy third-party management 

Ensure your vendors and business associates with access to PHI are keeping patient information protected and secure.

Continuous monitoring

Stay ahead of threats and non-compliance with continuous monitoring across your tech stack.


Create your HIPAA privacy and security policies

Build privacy and security policies that are HIPAA compliant. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish to your employees — all through the Secureframe platform.

Key benefits

  • Access dozens of policies developed and vetted by our in-house compliance experts with HIPAA experience
  • Easily publish to your employees for review and acknowledgment through the Secureframe platform

Train your employees about HIPAA best practices

Track that your team has completed HIPAA privacy and security awareness training, successfully passed their quizzes, and accepted your privacy and security policies through a progress dashboard.

Key benefits

  • Guide employees through an automated, self-serve training flow
  • Get progress reports on which employees have completed HIPAA training

Keep track of vendors with PHI

Easily add vendors who store, process, or interface with PHI. Stay secure with real-time alerts on issues and threats so that you can fix them quickly.

Key benefits

  • Simplify PHI management across vendors
  • Proactively resolve threats with real-time notifications

Ensure your business associates protect PHI

Ensure your business associates are supporting and contributing to your security and privacy compliance posture to stay in compliance with HIPAA.

Key benefits

  • Send Business Associate Agreements to business associates and customers for electronic signature
  • Store and manage BAAs to ensure HIPAA compliance

Evaluate and monitor HIPAA safeguards

Continuously monitor and collect evidence on your administrative and technical safeguards for protecting PHI. Secureframe has over 150 integrations with the most commonly used vendors.

Key benefits

  • Assess and comply with safeguards using our 150+ integrations
  • Use continuous monitoring for threats and non-compliance

“The team, the attention, and the expertise are 100% the reason we stay with Secureframe. Given the A-to-B, easy process we had with Secureframe for SOC 2, it was a no-brainer to use it to organize our HIPAA compliance.”

Khoi PhamIT Lead, Coda

Easily unlock new frameworks

Secureframe’s automated compliance platform has a common control layer that makes it easy to apply the same controls you have completed to additional frameworks, so you can save time meeting new standards. 

Obtaining HIPAA compliance gives you a jumpstart to these other frameworks with Secureframe-authored common controls:

Over 75% SOC 2
Over 75% ISO 27001
Over 75% NIST CSF

The Ultimate Guide to HIPAA

Learn about HIPAA, its major rules, and the difference between Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and Consumer Healthcare Information (CHI). 

End-to-end compliance right at your fingertips

Automated tests, continuous monitoring, and risk management with the support you need — all in one place.


Spend less time on compliance

Streamline HIPAA compliance and strengthen your security posture with automated evidence collection and real-time monitoring.


Use security as a launch pad

Demonstrate your security posture and save time responding to security questionnaires to build customer confidence and accelerate sales.


Spend less time on compliance

Streamline HIPAA compliance and strengthen your security posture with automated evidence collection and real-time monitoring.