Risk Management

Secureframe’s AI-powered Risk Management solution automates risk assessment to save you time and reduce the costs of maintaining a strong risk management program. The end-to-end Risk Management solution makes it easy to identify, manage, and mitigate risk so you can build and maintain a strong security compliance posture.

Automatically assess risks with Comply AI

Secureframe’s Comply AI for Risk accelerates the assessment of risks in your environment. Comply AI for Risk automates the risk assessment workflow by producing inherent risk score, treatment, residual risk score, and justifications.

End-to-end risk management

Assess and document treatment plans in your environment to meet the criteria for frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, and HIPAA. Secureframe’s Risk Management system follows the ISO 27005 methodology so you can effectively assess risks in your environment to make smart decisions for your security compliance program.

Easily add risks with the risk library

Secureframe provides a risk library that includes NIST risk scenarios for categories like Fraud, Legal, Finance, and IT. Organizations can easily add these risks to their risk register for tracking.

View risk history

Easily track changes you make to individual risks and view point-in-time snapshots of your risk register to show your auditor the steps you have taken to strengthen your security posture.

Link risks to controls

Secureframe allows you to link controls to known risks so that you can coordinate your risk management strategies with your compliance requirements. Leverage advanced machine learning and natural language processing to intelligently suggest control mappings to risk assessments with Comply AI for Control Mapping. Linking up controls helps organizations assess their residual risk so they can recognize and close any gaps in their risk management program.

Customize risk management for your business needs

Secureframe offers the flexibility you need to customize your risk management system. This includes adjusting the scoring scale, adjusting risk score groups, and using custom tags to categorize risks.

Monitor your risk management program

Dashboards provide a holistic view of your organization’s risks. Visually monitor your progress over time with heat maps, summary tables, trend charts, and more. Easily communicate the health of your risk management program to executives, auditors, and other stakeholders.