Getting compliant with GDPR is a significant milestone. Staying compliant is an ongoing challenge — and changes in regulations and technology are making it increasingly difficult.  

All of that work you did to implement, monitor, and document risks and controls, train staff, and document evidence, you’ll have to do again. And again. And again. 

As your company scales, compliance becomes even more complex. Every new vendor, employee, and customer will require more controls, new risk assessments, and updates to your information security system. 

Compliance automation software can save your company valuable time and money on efforts to stay GDPR compliant and avoid fines.

Here are a few ways our platform simplifies continuous compliance with GDPR. 

Automated, Continuous Evidence Collection

Our platform automatically monitors your systems for non-conformities and pulls control evidence throughout the year. Any additional evidence required for compliance can be quickly uploaded and classified within the Data Room for easy, confidential sharing.

Continuous Monitoring to Maintain Compliance

From your cloud infrastructure to your vendor ecosystem, we continuously scan and monitor your tech stack for vulnerabilities and help you stay compliant.

Checklists and Dashboards for At-a-Glance Reporting

With the Secureframe dashboard, you can get an overview of your current compliance status to see what’s looking good and what you can do to improve your security and privacy posture in real time. You can also assign tasks to individuals on your team to remediate any compliance issues as quickly as possible.

Employee Onboarding

New employees can easily onboard themselves through self-guided workflows, ensuring they’ve completed GDPR training, background checks, and policy acceptance. 

Expert Support Throughout the Compliance Process

Our team of in-house compliance experts has decades of advisory and consulting experience. They understand your company’s specific requirements, provide tailored advice for an ironclad security posture, and guide you through the compliance process.

Multi-Framework Compliance

You can map your existing controls to multiple frameworks, making it faster and easier to become compliant with other in-demand security standards. You'll unlock even more opportunities for growth into new and emerging markets.

1,000+ companies trust Secureframe to simplify their GDPR compliance. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a demo with our team of security, privacy, and compliance experts.