Security, privacy, and compliance automation software can be a significant asset not just for achieving compliance with regulations like GDPR, but for optimizing your entire security program. It can also help you maintain that high level of security as you scale. 

This is critical for organizations that want to move beyond a checkbox mentality for security, privacy, and compliance and improve their underlying security strategy, think critically and holistically about threats, and maintain vigilance around risks. 

Here’s how Secureframe helps companies build best-in-class security programs:

Risk Monitoring and Mitigation

Our comprehensive Risk Management solution enables you to create, monitor, and review risks. You can easily view, add, and update existing risks in your Risk Register and keep track of your risk history to stay compliant with GDPR requirements.

Continuous Monitoring and Alerts

Our platform continuously scans your tech stack to monitor for non-conformities. If something falls out of GDPR compliance, you’ll get an alert along with instructions to remediate the issue.

Cloud Scanning and Security

Secureframe integrates with 100+ cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. We not only connect with your cloud infrastructure — we also monitor and help empower you to configure it to be GDPR compliant. There’s no need to install agents either since we scan through read-only access.

In-House Security, Privacy, and Compliance Experts

We provide each of our customers with a dedicated compliance manager for personalized support at every step of the compliance process. Our team of former auditors will help you implement security best practices tailored for your unique tech stack and business needs.

They will also ensure our GDPR framework is up-to-date on the latest changes in requirements so you can ensure you are in compliance.

Dedicated Support Team

Secureframe customers also get dedicated resources from our customer success team to help them through every step of the compliance process and beyond, including setting up and optimizing their Secureframe implementation and answering technical questions. 

GDPR Training

We’ve built our own proprietary training for personnel working with GDPR-protected data and those responsible for protecting it. You can educate each of your departments on their responsibilities around collecting, processing, or transferring GDPR-protected data and track employee training completion automatically — all in the Secureframe platform.