Data Room

Secureframe’s Data Room is a single and secure place to move, upload and store evidence that will be exported for auditors to review. We take privacy controls seriously and ensure sensitive evidence, like background checks, are not visible to users, even admins.

Search to Find Evidence

Search evidence stored in the data room to find the exact document or policy you want to review or download for offline viewing.

Export Views as Evidence

Sometimes auditors need filtered views of your data. Filter data in Secureframe modules and easily export that view directly into the data room for export to auditors.

It's Your Data

All data located in the data room can be exported to auditors or downloaded for archiving purposes.

Export Data with a Click

All of the data gathered in the Secureframe Platform can be exported and stored in the data room with a click. Once in the data room, sharing the organized data with auditors is simple.