Secureframe Comply

Automate security and compliance with Secureframe Comply

Our platform was architected by compliance experts and former auditors to help customers get and stay compliant to the most rigorous security and privacy standards—including SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST, and others.

Why Customers Choose Secureframe

Achieve compliance with minimal time and effort

Secureframe Comply provides everything companies of any size need to prepare for an audit or set up their security posture to be compliant with legal frameworks. This is done through automation built into the platform to reduce manual work and pairing that with support from in-house experts who are former auditors. 

Key Features

Reduce operational costs of maintaining compliance

After becoming compliant, Secureframe Comply reduces the effort required to maintain security compliance with up-to-date remediation guidance and constant monitoring through integrations. This reduces the risk of data breaches and ensures more employee time is spent on core business activities.

Key Features

Bolster security and compliance posture

From its inception, Secureframe was designed and built by security and compliance experts. Secureframe Comply centralizes your security and compliance into a single place for compliance teams to understand their information security compliance posture. 

Key Features

Use security and compliance as a business differentiator

Stand out from your competitors by proving organizational security to your prospects by providing a SOC 2 report or other compliance certification with Secureframe Comply.

Key Features

We measure our success by your success

Our focus is on delivering industry-leading innovation that helps you achieve and maintain security and privacy compliance with ease and speed—that way you can focus on growing your customers, business, and revenues.

“With Secureframe and the onboarding piece spelled out, it saved us a lot of time versus having a consultant. Even with a consultant, it’s not possible to do things like bringing in infrastructure, having an asset inventory, and monitoring employee compliance.”

Khoi Pham, IT Lead, Coda