General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is widely considered the most significant data privacy laws in recent history, with major implications for how companies can handle European Union residents’ personal data.

Yet, 70% of law practitioners said the complexity of GDPR requirements is one of the top challenges they face in implementing and maintaining GDPR compliance at their organizations.

The 88-page law is complex, with nearly 100 articles and 173 recitals. To help you get a clear understanding of the data privacy law’s requirements and guidance for how to comply, we are going to focus on the key areas below.

What Are GDPR Compliance Requirements?

Looking for guidance on how to comply with GDPR? Get an overview of GDPR compliance requirements and find out the key points of focus for data privacy.

What Is Personal Data Under GDPR?

Find out the legal definition of personal data under GDPR to see if it applies to your business and the information you process.

A Guide to GDPR Data Subject Rights

Learn about the individual rights that ensure that data subjects are aware of how an organization handles both data privacy and data protection.

GDPR Data Privacy Principles

Understand the seven data privacy principles that lie at the core of GDPR.

Data Controller and Data Processor Requirements

Get an overview of requirements of data controllers and processors, key positions within an organization that have a responsibility for the protection of the data subjects’ information.

Data Transfer Requirements

What qualifies as a data transfer? How does GDPR restrict transfers of personal data outside the EU? Learn about data transfer requirements under GDPR.