HIPAA compliance isn’t something your organization can ever check off as “done” — it’s an ongoing effort that involves every single person within your company. All the work you did to implement and document safeguards, train staff, and manage vendors and business associate agreements? You’ll have to do it all again, and again… and again. Not to mention the fact that every new vendor, employee, and patient will add complexity to your compliance program. 

Compliance automation software can save your team hundreds of hours monitoring, managing, and maintaining your security and privacy compliance posture so you’ll have complete assurance of continuous compliance with HIPAA requirements. 

Continuous Monitoring and Automated Evidence Collection

Continuously evaluate and monitor HIPAA safeguards to proactively resolve threats. Our platform automatically monitors your systems for non-conformities and pulls control evidence throughout the year. Compliance evidence can be quickly uploaded and classified within the secure Data Room for easy, confidential sharing in the event of an external audit.

Automated Employee Onboarding and Security Training

Employees can take required security training within the platform, which will automatically record completion. New employees can easily onboard themselves through self-guided workflows, ensuring proper security training, background checks, and policy acceptance. 

Simplified Vendor Management

Ensure business associates protect PHI, send Business Associate Agreements for electronic signature, and store BAAs in one place. 

Checklists and Dashboards for At-a-Glance Reporting

With the Secureframe dashboard, you can get an overview of your current compliance status to see what’s looking good and what you can do to improve your security and privacy posture in real time. You can also assign tasks to individuals on your team to remediate any compliance issues as quickly as possible.

Expert Support After the Audit

Our team of in-house HIPAA compliance experts has decades of advisory and consulting experience. They take the time to understand your organization’s specific systems and requirements, guide you through implementing the proper safeguards, and provide tailored advice for continuously meeting HIPAA requirements.

1,000+ companies trust Secureframe to streamline security and privacy compliance. To learn more, schedule a demo with our team of security, privacy, and compliance experts today.