Secureframe’s industry-leading compliance automation platform, training and questionnaires solution, plus its unmatched compliance expertise position MSPs and MSSPs to support clients’ end-to-end security, privacy and compliance needs

February 8, 2023 - San Francisco - Secureframe, the all-in-one platform for security and privacy compliance, announced Secureframe for MSPs and its new multi-tenant portal. Today’s news enables managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to offer an expanded suite of services to their clients to help them achieve compliance with speed and ease—including the Secureframe compliance automation platform, proprietary training and questionnaires solution, all supported by the company’s unrivaled compliance expertise. Combined, Secureframe positions service providers to expand their offerings to deliver more value to clients and grow their revenues.

“It’s no secret that data security, privacy and compliance are major priorities for small to medium-sized businesses, and managed service providers who are positioned to seize this growth opportunity will win with their customers and in the market,” said Shrav Mehta, founder & CEO, Secureframe. “That’s why we’re excited to expand the Secureframe Trusted Partner Program with the launch of Secureframe for MSPs and our new multi-tenant portal. Now it’s even easier for our partners to help their clients achieve continuous compliance with Secureframe’s all-in-one automation platform.”

"We’re excited that we can now offer Compliance-as-a-Service to our customers through Secureframe,” said Gene Pavliscsak, President/COO, ConnectOn. “Secureframe’s multi-tenant portal makes setting up and managing our customers seamless and easy. Thanks to Secureframe we’ve gotten security compliant ourselves, will be expanding our business and increasing the value we provide our customers."

Secureframe for MSPs positions service providers, who are often already providing 24x7 monitoring and management of their clients’ network infrastructure, to help their customers achieve continuous compliance to the most rigorous global standards, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST and others. Secureframe for MSPs offers:

  • Streamlined deal management and support: The new portal enables MSPs and MSSPs to register deals and gain access to marketing, sales, technical support and other resources to close deals, serve clients and grow revenue.
  • Centralized account management: Purpose-built to help service providers manage their customers’ end-to-end compliance journey, Secureframe’s multi-tenant portal centralizes all activities related to each customer’s security and privacy compliance into a single pane of glass so MSPs and MSSPs can serve them more efficiently and effectively.
  • Enhanced revenue earning potential: Not only can Secureframe help service providers achieve and maintain compliance themselves to help them stand out in the MSP crowd to attract more clients, Secureframe’s partner program unlocks new revenue streams through its referral, reseller and MSP/MSSP options where partners can function as any or all partner types depending on their business model and preference. 

To further enable service providers for success and based on partner demand, Secureframe has added a new DattoRMM integration. The integration pulls automated configuration evidence like the presence of antivirus software, asset inventory intelligence and more into the Secureframe platform to further demonstrate a client’s security and privacy posture.

“The Synoptek platform leverages top-notch technology to enable our customers’ success, and Secureframe's platform fits in that category,” said Chris Gebhardt, CISO, Synoptek. “Offering best-in-class Compliance-as-a-Service to our customers will accelerate their business results and continue to cement us as a one stop shop for IT services. Secureframe for MSPs has everything we need to deliver value to our clients, especially its multi-tenant portal and integration with DattoRMM.” 

The Secureframe automated compliance platform, paired with Secureframe’s unrivaled compliance expertise, enables service providers to bring new value to their customers including:

  • Increased ability to compete: By adhering to compliance frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001, companies can gain an edge over competitors who aren’t compliant and level the playing field with larger competitors who are compliant.
  • Improved scalability: Broader security compliance enhances an end customer’s ability to attract new customers, expand into new markets and move upmarket to capture mid-market and enterprise clients. 
  • Reduced risk: Implementing Secureframe GRC features, including continuous monitoring, personnel management, vendor risk management, automated tests and more, enables end customers to proactively assess and improve the security and privacy of their IT systems, people, and processes to achieve continuous compliance. 
  • Increased employee vigilance: Secureframe’s proprietary compliance training ensures end customers have a centralized solution in place that allows for all employees and contractors to complete security and privacy awareness training to avoid costly mistakes, like falling for a phishing attack.
  • Accelerated deal close: Secureframe Questionnaires saves end customers hundreds of hours manually responding to RFPs and security questionnaires with machine learning-powered automation so they can close deals faster and focus on serving customers and growing their business.

Today’s news follows the expansion of the Secureframe Trusted Partner Network that helps customers better achieve and maintain compliance while enabling integration, channel, pen testing, audit and other partners to deliver more value to their customers, expand into new markets and unlock new revenue streams. For more information on the Secureframe Trusted Partner Program, visit, for more details on Secureframe for MSPs and the multi-tenant portal, visit the Secureframe blog.


About Secureframe

Secureframe is the leading, all-in-one compliance automation platform. Delivering world-class governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, Secureframe makes it fast and easy to achieve and maintain security and privacy compliance. With 100+ integrations to core services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Github, Jamf, Okta and Slack, Secureframe is trusted by organizations like AngelList, Doodle, Dooly, Lob, Rand McNally, Slab and Stream to help them continuously achieve and maintain compliance to the most rigorous global standards, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST and others.