Getting PCI certified is a significant milestone, but staying compliant is an ongoing challenge — and changes in PCI DSS requirements are make it increasingly difficult to keep up.  

In fact, on average, only 27.9 percent of global organizations were able to maintain full compliance with the PCI DSS in 2019. 

Consider all of that work you did to implement controls, monitor logs and risks, manage vulnerabilities, train employees, and gather evidence to get certified. You’ll have to do it again, and again, annually, or risk losing your compliance status.

Compliance automation software can save your company valuable time and money on efforts to stay PCI DSS compliant and avoid fines.

Here are a few ways our platform simplifies continuous compliance with PCI DSS. 

Automated, Continuous Evidence Collection

Our platform integrates with your systems and technology and monitors for non-conformities, and compares configurations to tests for PCI’s 300+ requirements throughout the year. Any additional evidence required by your auditor can be quickly uploaded directly to the PCI DSS requirement in Secureframe or classified within the Data Room for easy, confidential sharing.

Employee Onboarding

New employees can easily onboard themselves through self-guided workflows, ensuring they’ve completed PCI DSS cardholder security training, role-based training, and policy reviews. 

Policy Maintenance

To get and stay PCI compliant, you must maintain policies that relate to all 12 PCI DSS requirements. These policies must be reviewed annually and updated in relation to the risk environment or business objectives when needed. Using Secureframe, you can review, update, and publish these policies to your employees for review and dissemination all in one place.

Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing

PCI DSS compliance requires you to complete quarterly external scans utilizing an approved scanning vendor, internal vulnerability scans, and  penetration testing annually and after any significant infrastructure or application upgrade or modification. Segmentation testing is also required and, if you are a service provider, this testing must be performed bi-annually.

Secureframe customers can utilize our trusted partner network of Approved Scanning Vendors and penetration testers to help meet those requirements for ongoing testing and monitoring. 

Multi-Framework Compliance

You can map your existing controls to multiple frameworks, making it faster and easier to become compliant with other in-demand security standards. You'll unlock even more opportunities for growth into new and emerging markets.

1,000+ companies trust Secureframe to simplify their compliance to PCI and other privacy and security standards. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a demo with our team of security andn privacy compliance experts.