Secureframe Leads AI Innovation in Compliance

  • May 03, 2024

Donna Lee

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Secureframe

This week, Secureframe reinforced its position as the leading AI compliance platform by announcing significant enhancements that align with the growing demand for smarter, faster, and more efficient compliance processes. As AI becomes increasingly integral to compliance, Secureframe is pioneering the way forward with innovative solutions designed to save time, reduce manual effort, and minimize the risk of human error for organizations looking to strengthen their security and compliance programs.

Support for NIST AI RMF & ISO 42001

Secureframe now supports two new compliance standards: NIST AI RMF and ISO 42001. These frameworks ensure that organizations that are incorporating AI into their products and processes develop and use AI systems ethically, safely, and responsibly. Secureframe’s support for these frameworks demonstrates its commitment to helping customers stay ahead of compliance in a rapidly changing AI landscape. Learn more about NIST AI RMF and ISO 42001, or read the blog announcement here.

Enhancements to Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation

We've made significant enhancements to the AI functionality powering our Questionnaire Automation solution. Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation now pulls data during the answer verification process from a variety of sources, including policies, controls, automated tests, the Knowledge Base, and company profile information. Trust AI also uses generative AI to rephrase answers, ensuring that responses are not only accurate but also perfectly tailored to the required context. Read the blog for a detailed description of all recent enhancements to Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation.

Additions to Comply AI 

We announced major advancements to Secureframe’s Vendor Risk Management, including the introduction of Comply AI for VRM. Comply AI for VRM streamlines the vendor review process by automatically extracting and suggesting responses based on vendor documents like SOC 2 reports, simplifying security reviews and saving time examining vendor documentation manually. Learn more about this announcement here.

Further simplifying the compliance process, yesterday we announced Comply AI for Control Mapping. This new capability leverages advanced machine learning and natural language processing to intelligently suggest control mappings to frameworks and risk assessments, significantly reducing manual mapping efforts. Learn more about this announcement here.

Over the last two years, Secureframe has made substantial progress in enhancing its AI capabilities with the launch of Trust AI and Comply AI. These innovations have simplified the path to compliance for our customers by minimizing both the effort and cost required for manual compliance tasks like evidence collection, remediation, policy and risk management, and continuous monitoring. 

Key developments include:

  • Comply AI for Remediation: Simplify the process of fixing failing cloud tests. This feature automatically generates fixes as infrastructure-as-code, allowing users to effortlessly implement these solutions in their cloud environments, improving security and making the remediation process more efficient.
  • Comply AI for Risk: Comply AI for Risk streamlines the risk assessment process. By analyzing risk descriptions, it creates inherent risk scores, treatment plans, and residual risk scores, helping organizations improve their risk awareness and response.
  • Comply AI for Policies: Using generative AI, Comply AI for Policies streamlines policy creation and editing. The AI-driven text editor enables organizations to produce policies that are not only compliant but also reflective of their unique tone and voice.
  • ML-powered Questionnaire Automation: Use machine learning to automatically respond to time-consuming RFPs and security questionnaires.

Learn More about AI-Driven Compliance at Secureframe

Secureframe continues to lead in AI-driven compliance innovation, enhancing its offerings this week with significant updates to AI features in the platform. The introduction of support for standards such as NIST AI RMF and ISO 42001, along with enhancements to Trust AI and Comply AI for Vendor Risk Management and Control Mapping, underscore Secureframe's dedication to simplifying compliance and keeping pace amidst evolving regulations. As organizations navigate the complexities of incorporating AI into their operations, Secureframe proves itself to be an integral partner for organizations looking to achieve and maintain compliance easily.

To explore how Secureframe's AI-powered solutions can transform your compliance strategies, schedule a demo with one of our compliance experts. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with us directly at the RSA Conference — meet our team at Booth #6573 in Moscone North Expo or schedule a meeting to get your questions answered in person.