Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation Improves Accuracy and Consistency

  • April 29, 2024

Donna Lee

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Completing security questionnaires and RFPs can be a daunting task for any organization. These documents are critical for demonstrating compliance and security measures but traditionally involve a significant amount of manual labor. In 2022, Secureframe addressed these challenges by developing a Questionnaire Automation tool to automate the process of filling out and returning questionnaires and RFPs, enabling organizations to focus on core business functions.

Building on this foundation, we’re excited to introduce enhancements to Questionnaire Automation via Trust AI, including AI-powered answer rephrasing and powerful updates to the AI answer verification process. These new capabilities reduce the risk of human error by pulling security information directly from your Secureframe instance, and save even more time for customers than before with improved automation and response generation.

What’s New with Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation

Trust AI being used to answer a security question with one click

Questionnaire Automation helps customers save time by reducing the manual work of finding answers to security questions. With this launch, Trust AI pulls comprehensive information from multiple sources within Secureframe Comply, including:

  • Policies: Trust AI analyzes your organization’s documented policies, ensuring that all responses are consistent with current company regulations and practices.
  • Controls: By analyzing control language and pass/fail metrics from controls in-platform, Trust AI provides responses that accurately reflect the company's compliance status.
  • Automated Tests: Incorporating pass/fail results from automated tests in Secureframe allows Trust AI to provide up-to-date, evidence-based answers.
  • Knowledge Base: Repository of previously answered questionnaires and other relevant documents which Trust AI uses to improve the accuracy and relevance of its responses.
  • Company Profile Information: Secureframe provides details like company name, founding date, etc. about the company that may be required in questionnaire answers.

Additionally, Trust AI can now help to rephrase answers during the answer verification process. When Trust AI encounters a question, it pulls relevant information from the appropriate sources and rephrases it using generative AI to answer that specific question. Trust AI also draws from the context hosted in the Knowledge Base when rephrasing answers. This feature is crucial for maintaining consistency and relevance across various questionnaires, especially when similar questions are phrased slightly differently.

For example, consider these two questions about risk assessment programs:

  1. 'Is there a risk assessment program that has been approved by management, communicated to constituents, with an owner to maintain and review the program?'
  2. 'Does your company conduct regular third party risk assessments of its vendors? If so, please explain.'

Using the examples above, Trust AI can adapt an existing Knowledge Base answer around your risk program to specifically discuss how your risk assessment process is managed, reviewed, and communicated to customers when answering the first, or whether a third party risk assessment program exists and what it entails to answer the second. 

Get Started Today

By leveraging AI to automate the collection of answers to security questionnaires from across the platform, and intelligently parse and rephrase responses, Trust AI not only ensures that answers are consistent, accurate, and tailored to the specific requirements of each question — it also saves organizations hundreds of hours answering tedious security questionnaires. 

Discover how Trust AI for Questionnaire Automation can streamline your compliance processes by scheduling a demo with our compliance experts today. Don’t miss the chance to get your questions answered in-person at RSA - schedule a meeting with a team member or visit Booth #6573 in Moscone North Expo.