Why customers choose Secureframe vs Vanta

Hundreds of companies choose Secureframe over Vanta for our richer, one-click integrations, deep compliance expertise, and end-to-end guidance through the entire audit process.

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What makes Secureframe different?

We’re secure to the core.

Secureframe’s very first hire was our Head of Compliance, and now we have a team of ex-auditors from top firms who provide support to our customers, every step of the way. We designed everything, from our platform to our integrations, with security in mind. And we simplified the process of getting compliant so you can focus on growing your business.

Key Differences


Richer Set of Integrations

Secureframe provides customers with deeper integrations which allows us to automate more of the evidence collection process, saving your team more time and reducing manual effort.


Dedicated Compliance Expertise

Each customer at Secureframe gets a team of dedicated compliance managers, who are all ex-auditors, to provide tailored recommendations based on your tech stack and guide you through the entire process from readiness to report.


Secure, Non-Invasive Monitoring

Secureframe is able to integrate natively with your cloud infrastructure and 10+ MDM providers, which is more secure and efficient for gathering data points than having to install and maintain an agent.


Selective, Deep Relationships with the Best Auditors

Secureframe chooses to build deep relationships with only the best auditors. By building stronger relationships with our auditors, we can further streamline the audit process and pass on time and cost savings to our customers.

Policy Templates



In-App Policy Editor and Version Historysecureframe-feature-imagecomparison-feature-image
Individual-Based Compliance Task Managementsecureframe-feature-imagecomparison-feature-image



Step-by-step guidance from in-house compliance expertssecureframe-feature-imagecomparison-feature-image
Support during the audit itselfsecureframe-feature-imagecomparison-feature-image
Non-Invasive Monitoringsecureframe-feature-imagecomparison-feature-image
Streamlined Auditor Workflowssecureframe-feature-imagecomparison-feature-image

Our customers say


Tommaso Barbugli

CTO at Stream

“I would definitely recommend Secureframe. Secureframe was instrumental in helping us get SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. We always felt like we were talking to experts in the field. Compared to other competitors, choosing Secureframe is a no brainer."


Rachana Desai

Vice President of Engineering, Fabric

“Secureframe has the right team, the right platform, and the right experience to help businesses get SOC 2 certified within tight timeframes. I would not have finished my SOC 2 type 1 so quickly if I didn’t have Secureframe.”


Fouad Matin

CEO, Indent

"If you’re looking for a solution to get compliant and maintain it, and also have the confidence that you’re doing the right things along the way, Secureframe is the best choice. I’d recommend Secureframe to any business looking to build trust in their brand and unlock enterprise opportunities from the get-go."

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