Secureframe expands globally, providing local data residency for European customers

October 12, 2023—San Francisco—Secureframe, the leading provider of security and compliance automation software, has released new research revealing a common security failure for organizations achieving compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This finding was released in conjunction with the announcement of Secureframe’s European data center which gives organizations more control over where their data is stored and processed. 

According to the study, approximately 82% of organizations fail to meet appropriate safeguards when transferring data to a third country or international organization.

This failure presents a significant roadblock for European organizations that leverage third-party vendors residing in regions outside of Europe. Vendors outside of Europe may not adhere to the strict safeguards enforced by GDPR when they store and process an organization’s data. Organizations lack control over the safeguards these third-parties put in place making it significantly more difficult to meet regulatory requirements. Organizations are increasingly seeking local data residency to gain more control over their data and more easily meet data privacy requirements and avoid costly fines. 

Secureframe helps organizations meet GDPR and other EU data privacy obligations with the addition of a European data center. The new data center, located in AWS London, provides data residency for European organizations, giving them more control over where their data is stored and processed so they can easily maintain the appropriate safeguards. For UK-based organizations, the new data center allows them to keep their data inside the primary region their business operates. 

In addition, Secureframe provides end-to-end compliance support for European customers with a dedicated team based in the UK and a growing partner ecosystem. The dedicated team provides regional support from day one through a successful audit and after to ensure customers can easily achieve and maintain compliance. The Trusted Partner Program includes vCISOs, auditors, and more across Europe to provide the additional services and support organizations need to achieve their compliance goals. 

The AWS London data center paired with Secureframe’s end-to-end compliance support helps European organizations protect their business and data, avoid regulatory fines, and easily obtain and maintain compliance with GDPR and other EU data privacy laws. 

“We’re delighted to see Secureframe is now offering data residency in the UK,” said David English of British Assessment Bureau. “This flexibility provides an easier way for their UK customers to meet data privacy laws. It gives them more authority over their data so they can store it in a region that upholds the regulations they need to follow and helps to keep their data secure by adhering to security compliance laws and standards.”

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