Secureframe Launches New AI-powered Risk Management Capabilities

October 24, 2023—San Francisco—Secureframe, the leading provider of security and compliance automation software, announced its latest innovation with the launch of Comply AI for Risk. This AI-powered Risk Management solution automates the risk assessment process to save organizations time and resources. This is the third AI-powered capability from Secureframe, following AI-powered Questionnaire Automation and AI-powered control remediation. 

Leveraging a risk description and company information, Secureframe Comply AI produces detailed insights into a risk with a single click. This includes determining the likelihood and impact of a risk before a response, a treatment plan to respond to the risk, and the residual likelihood and impact of the risk after treatment. These detailed outputs from Comply AI for Risk help organizations better understand the potential impact of a risk and proper mitigation methods, improving their risk awareness and response. Comply AI for Risk augments the step-by-step risk assessment workflow, based on the ISO 27005 methodology, which is a critical capability of Secureframe's new Risk Management solution. 

Secureframe’s enterprise-grade Risk Management solution enables businesses to identify, assess, and manage risk to satisfy compliance requirements for frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, and HIPAA. Along with the risk assessment workflow, the solution also includes a risk register that acts as a single source of truth for an organization’s risk management program and a means to document and monitor risk over time. The risk register tracks risk history so organizations can pull a snapshot of their register from a previous date to demonstrate improvements they’ve made to their risk management program. Users can also leverage pre-built risks from the Secureframe risk library to easily identify risks and add applicable risks to their register. Each risk in the risk library is based on a NIST risk scenario and includes a default description and category, such as Finance, IT, etc. Together these capabilities deliver an end-to-end Risk Management solution that helps reduce risk and build a strong security compliance posture. 

Additionally, Secureframe introduced the flexibility for businesses to tailor risk management to the unique needs of their growing business. This includes custom scoring and custom tags. With custom scoring, organIzations can easily adjust their risk score scale and score grouping to align with their scoring system. Custom tags enable them to create and track risk categories that are specific to their business. These customizations allow organizations to seamlessly integrate their risk management system into the Secureframe platform

Like other AI-powered capabilities from Secureframe, Comply AI for Risk reduces the amount of time spent on manual tasks and provides actionable insights into mitigating risks so organizations can reduce the risk of a breach and spend more time growing their business with confidence. 

“We heard from our customers that Comply AI for Remediation has a significant impact on their ability to quickly and easily remediate infrastructure misconfigurations,” said Shrav Mehta, Founder and CEO, Secureframe. “We’re continuing to build AI-powered capabilities to help our customers reduce the effort and costs associated with maintaining a strong security compliance posture. With Comply AI for Risk, our customers save time and reduce risk while growing their business.”

"With the introduction of Secureframe's new Risk Management module, we're proud to offer our clients a seamless, consolidated platform for enhancing their compliance and risk strategies,” said Sutha Nythy, Team Lead and Security Analyst, SIMNET. “This cutting-edge solution features automated risk assessment, driven by the capabilities of Comply AI for Risk, to expedite the analysis of their current-state risk posture. By leveraging AI-generated risk scores, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their risk landscape. Moreover, the addition of a dynamic risk history function equips businesses with the tools to continually monitor and fine-tune their risk posture, ensuring they are optimally prepared and positively trending in anticipation of upcoming audits."

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