Secureframe Launches New AI Capabilities to Simplify Compliance

June 15, 2023—San Francisco—Secureframe, a leading provider of security and compliance automation software, announced it expanded its AI capabilities to help customers speed up cloud remediation and time-to-compliance with the launch of Comply AI for remediation. This is the latest AI innovation by Secureframe, following its AI-powered questionnaires, to help customers automate tasks related to security, risk, and compliance so companies can easily obtain and maintain compliance. By leveraging Comply AI, companies can quickly improve and maintain their security and compliance posture, differentiate themselves from competitors, and accelerate their growth. 

Leveraging AI for cloud infrastructure remediation guidance improves the ease and speed at which an organization can solve misconfigured environments to stay secure and comply with various information security frameworks. Comply AI for remediation augments Secureframe’s existing capabilities with generative AI to provide remediation guidance in the form of infrastructure as code (IaC) for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Users can easily copy and paste Comply AI’s generated code to resolve underlying misconfigurations and controls. 

Users can also chat with and ask for additional details about the remediation steps provided, or request more specific guidance based on their organization's unique requirements. Comply AI benefits customers by providing more precise and tailored remediation guidance based on their environment. 

Like the AI-powered questionnaire automation that is part of Secureframe Trust, Comply AI helps organizations reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks and the risk of human error so teams can focus on more strategic projects that grow the business.

“This is the latest advancement from Secureframe to build AI into our compliance platform,” said Shrav Mehta, Founder and CEO, Secureframe. “We’ve already seen customers close more deals and grow their revenue using our AI-powered questionnaire automation. Now, we’re finding new opportunities to streamline processes and automate manual tasks. We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage AI in security and compliance; this is just the beginning.”

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to make our processes more efficient, so we’re really excited about Secureframe’s latest AI capabilities,” said Jay Deuskar, CTO, PrizePicks. “With Comply AI we’re able to save valuable time remediating cloud misconfigurations. This not only makes preparing for our audits easier — it will also help us achieve optimal security and compliance results that drive our business forward." 

To learn more about Secureframe AI, please visit the website or schedule a demo here.


Secureframe empowers businesses to build trust with customers by automating information security and compliance. Thousands of fast-growing businesses such as AngelList, Ramp, Remote, and Coda, trust Secureframe to simplify and expedite their compliance journey for global security and privacy standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Backed by top-tier investors and corporations such as Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI Fund), Kleiner Perkins, and Accomplice Ventures, the company is amongst the Forbes list of Top 100 Startup Employers for 2023.