Industry-leading automated compliance platform now available to AWS customers to help them achieve and maintain security and privacy compliance with speed and ease

April 18, 2023—San Francisco—Secureframe announced today the availability of its leading platform for security and compliance automation in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers can now purchase Secureframe using their pre-committed spend to achieve and maintain compliance to the most rigorous global standards—including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST and more. Paired with Secureframe’s in-house compliance experts and former auditors, the company’s platform enables organizations to get audit ready in weeks versus months to close deals faster, expand into new markets, and grow revenue.

“Our customers look to Secureframe as one of the most comprehensive automated compliance platforms to help them get and stay compliant with speed and ease,” said Shrav Mehta, founder & CEO, Secureframe. “We’re thrilled to bring the power of the Secureframe platform, Secureframe Training and our Secureframe Questionnaires solution to AWS customers to help them quickly and easily demonstrate their security and privacy posture to earn their customers’ trust and grow their businesses.”

“Secureframe took the pain out of SOC 2 certification and helped us get compliant faster,” said Niklas Lindstrom, co-founder and CTO, unitQ. “Thanks to Secureframe, we can close more deals faster and focus on scaling our business, including through our own AWS Marketplace listing.”

Secureframe launched in AWS Marketplace at a time when closing deals while driving operational efficiency is more critical than ever for organizations of all sizes. Secureframe helps by automating and streamlining the end-to-end process of compliance, delivering world-class Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) functionality in a single solution—including continuous monitoring, risk management, personnel and asset inventory management, vendor access and risk management, enterprise policy management, training, data rooms, readiness reports and more. Secureframe also accelerates the process of responding to RFPs and security questionnaires through a proprietary machine learning (ML) solution so sales and compliance teams can focus on serving customers and growing the business, rather than waste time manually completing RFPs. 

As a result, organizations are able to rely on Secureframe as their single-source compliance system of record to quickly and easily demonstrate their security and privacy posture to grow their customers, revenue and business.

“If you’re new to SOC 2 and want someone that holds your hand from beginning to end, makes the process literally as easy as possible, and makes sure you never feel lost or confused, choose Secureframe," said JJ Tang, Co-Founder, Rootly. "The product coupled with the service we got is unparalleled in this space. I’d pick Secureframe again and again.”

“I would recommend Secureframe to anyone with a B2B SaaS business that is looking to get SOC 2 compliant fast," noted Cansu Aydede, COO, Formsort. "This was just the best way to do it. Secureframe made the process better, more structured and more streamlined so we could focus on what we do best.”

To purchase Secureframe in AWS Marketplace, AWS customers may visit the Secureframe listing or reach out to


About Secureframe

Secureframe empowers businesses to build trust with customers by automating information security and compliance. Thousands of fast-growing businesses such as AngelList, Ramp, Remote, and Coda, trust Secureframe to simplify and expedite their compliance journey for global security and privacy standards such as SOC-2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Backed by top-tier investors and corporations such as Google, Kleiner Perkins, and Accomplice Ventures, the company is amongst the Forbes list of Top 100 Startup Employers for 2023.