Secureframe for Financial Services

Secureframe’s GRC platform makes it fast and easy for modern fintech companies to achieve and maintain security and privacy compliance.

Everything you need to get and stay compliant easily


Secureframe to fit your security posture with custom policies and tests


and track employee completion automatically with proprietary training


your organization’s regulatory, legal and financial risk


manual effort through automated evidence gathering

How it works

There are multiple security and privacy compliance frameworks with hundreds of requirements that you need to comply with in the Financial Services sector. We simplified these into straightforward steps—saving you hours while delivering best-in-class security practices. Our dedicated customer support and compliance experts will help you navigate the frameworks you need to follow. 

Meet your dedicated customer support and compliance experts

Scan and secure your cloud infrastructure

Create your compliance policies

Easily train personnel on security and privacy requirements

Assess and manage vendor risk

Secureframe provides a readiness assessment

Complete an audit if necessary

Continually maintain compliance

Easily protect and manage sensitive customer financial data

Standardize complex compliance procedures and ensure customer data is protected as it flows through your systems.

Key benefits

  • Automate technical controls for PCI DSS compliance
  • Proprietary cardholder data security training and secure code training for developers

Maintain requirements across multiple regulatory frameworks

Simplify compliance by mapping existing activities to multiple regulations with custom tests and frameworks.

Key benefits

  • Create, view, filter, and export custom tests 
  • Map data flows and security controls to ensure compliance with industry standards and eliminate redundancies

Streamline and coordinate your compliance team’s efforts

Assign clear responsibilities at the control and technology layers and view progress on a central dashboard.

Key benefits

  • Track all compliance activities in a single, end-to-end platform 
  • Continuously monitor your systems for compliance and get real-time notifications for nonconformities

Assess and manage vendor risk

We make it simple for you to complete vendor risk assessments, regularly review vendor access and complete required due diligence.

Key benefits

  • Perform and manage vendor risk assessments
  • Store, manage and review vendor security certifications and reports for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR

Scan and secure your cloud infrastructure automatically

We connect with, monitor and provide guidance to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant. Plus, no need to install agents — we scan through read-only access.

Key benefits

  • Monitor 100+ cloud services including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure
  • Review vulnerabilities through our dashboard with associated risk scores and details.

Ready to achieve and maintain compliance?