Governance refers to the rules, business processes, and policies in place that help ensure all organizational activities are aligned with the organization’s overall goals and objectives. For example, effective governance ensures that risk management processes are carried out consistently and cost-effectively across the organization.

There are two important types of governance that play a key role in any GRC program: cybersecurity governance and data governance. 

This section will cover both in depth so you understand how to manage your organization’s cyber risk and data. 

Navigating Cybersecurity Governance

Understand the essentials of cybersecurity governance and learn how to build an effective strategy.

14 Common Types of Cybersecurity Attacks in 2023

Learn the most prevalent types of cyber attacks and how to protect your organization against threats.

Data Governance: Definition, Principles, and Frameworks

Discover the essentials of data governance, its benefits for organizations, and 5 popular frameworks.

How to Build a Smart Data Governance Strategy

Learn how to build an effective data governance strategy that meets your organization’s needs and goals.

Data Governance Metrics and KPIs

Explore the metrics and KPIs you can use to measure the success of data governance initiatives.