What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect data, information, programs, systems, networks, and devices from digital attacks from unauthorized users on the internet. 

Designing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly difficult today as attackers are becoming more innovative, and organizations use more devices and complex networks to do business. Therefore, cybersecurity programs have to be designed with this in mind when it comes to educating its employees on how to protect themselves and their organization’s data and information. A robust cybersecurity program will consist of multiple layers of protection and processes for its devices, networks, programs, and data and should consider:

  • Network security - Protecting network from unwanted users and attacks
  • Application security - Updating and testing applications to keep them secure
  • Endpoint security - Protecting remote access to a company’s network
  • Data security - Protecting company and customer information
  • Identity management - Understanding who has access to what in an organization
  • Database and infrastructure security - Protecting databases and physical devices
  • Cloud security - Protecting data in “the cloud”
  • Mobile security - Protecting phones and tablets 
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning - Outlined steps should a breach occur

Organizations should have both steps in place for protecting systems proactively from malicious attacks as well as what steps to take should a data breach occur. All companies that gather or store customer data, no matter their size, are at risk of being cyber attacked and suffering both financial and reputational consequences. 

A cybersecurity strategy is a must-have for organizations that work within or serve regulated industries like finance, insurance, and healthcare. It can help meet regulatory or compliance requirements as well as highlighting to clients, prospective customers, partners, and employees that your organization takes security seriously.