Strengthen your security posture quickly and easily with MVSP compliance 

Secureframe helps organizations understand requirements, manage controls, streamline workflows, and automate tasks and evidence collection to achieve and maintain Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP) compliance with speed and ease.


Everything you need to achieve and maintain MVSP compliance

Set up

Set up

policies and procedures needed to meet MVSP baselines



and track employee completion automatically with proprietary training videos



your organization’s regulatory, legal, financial, and cybersecurity risk



a strong security posture that complies with MVSP requirements

The MVSP Standard: Security baselines for Enterprise-grade software

Developed by leading tech companies including Google, Salesforce, Slack, and Okta, the Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP) outlines security requirements for B2B software. Designed to simplify the procurement, RFP, and vendor security assessment process, MVSP offers a checklist of baselines to assess a product’s security posture and identify gaps. All companies building B2B software or handling sensitive information are advised to follow MVSP requirements. As a contributor to the MVSP standard, we stay current on the latest MVSP requirements for you, so you can focus your limited resources on your biggest priorities.

The MVSP checklist includes four categories:

Business controls

Includes compliance with industry standards, penetration testing, and incident response procedures

Application design controls

Includes SSO, password policies, and logging

Application implementation controls

Includes data flows, sensitive data exposure, and time to remediate vulnerabilities

Operational controls

Includes physical, logical, and third-party access to organizational data

How it works

Secureframe’s security and privacy compliance automation platform helps companies satisfy MVSP requirements quickly and easily. We streamline the compliance process by providing procedures and policies vetted by MVSP experts, proprietary data security and privacy training for automated employee compliance, access to in-house compliance experts, and everything else you need to satisfy requirements with speed and ease.

Meet your dedicated account manager

Set up your data privacy and security policies and procedures

Train personnel on security and data privacy requirements

Complete your MVSP readiness assessment

Maintain MVSP compliance

Set up MVSP policies and procedures fast

We provide MVSP policies and procedure templates that meet compliance requirements. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish them to your personnel for review.

Key benefits

  • Access dozens of policies developed and vetted by our in-house compliance experts
  • Easily publish policies for your personnel to review and acknowledge through the Secureframe platform

Set up custom and automated tests

Leverage our pre-built tests or create custom upload tests for your organization’s unique processes, policies, and controls to help you maintain MVSP compliance.

Key benefits

  • View and manage MVSP tests in a single place
  • Create custom tests to cover a use case specific to your business
  • Assign owners to tests to ensure failing tests are remediated quickly
  • Access best practice remediation steps for pre-built tests

Easily maintain MVSP compliance

We help you maintain compliance by staying current on the latest regulations. As new policies, procedures, or other requirements are added to MVSP, our platform and frameworks are updated so you stay compliant.

Key benefits

  • Automatically collect evidence and review processes for compliance assessments
  • Stay current with any changes to MVSP requirements

Manage and triage risks in once place

Track security and compliance risks with Secureframe’s Risk Register. Determine risk treatments, mitigation steps, and assign risks to owners to bring visibility and accountability to your organization.

Key benefits

  • Assign owners to risks to ensure there’s a single point person in charge of the risk
  • Send automated notifications to risk owners to review and update the risk on a regular basis
  • Track the details of potential vulnerabilities, impact on your business, and treatment plans