FTC Safeguards Rule

Easily achieve and maintain the FTC Safeguards Rule

Save time maintaining the requirements of the FTC Safeguards Rule and avoid costly fines. 

Protect the customer data you handle

FTC Safeguards Rule requires financial institutions that are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to have a comprehensive information security program in place to protect and secure customer data. 

Continuous FTC Safeguards Rule Compliance

Secureframe makes it easy to maintain compliance with the FTC Safeguards Rule so you can keep your customer data secure while focusing on day-to-day operations. 

All-in-one compliance platform

Administer your policies, train your employees, and manage risk all from the Secureframe platform. 

Automated cloud scanning

Integrate your cloud services to automatically scan for nonconformities and misconfigurations.

Continuous monitoring

Ensure you have the right controls in place to maintain compliance across your entire organization. 

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Ready to automate FTC Safeguards Rule compliance?

Configure and manage policies that meet the FTC Safeguards Rule

Secureframe provides policy templates for the FTC Safeguards Rule. Customize the policies or upload your own and manage personnel acknowledgments to adhere to the requirements of the FTC Safeguards Rule. 

Key benefits

  • Utilize pre-built policies developed and vetted by our in-house security experts and former auditors
  • Easily publish Secureframe templated policies or publish your own for your employees to review and acknowledge through the Secureframe platform

Train personnel with Secureframe’s proprietary training

Ensure your personnel are trained on security best practices with our in-platform security awareness training. 

Key benefits

  • Automatically assign training to in-scope personnel 
  • Quickly complete security awareness training in the platform
  • Track and monitor which personnel have completed the training

Assess and manage risk to ensure customer data is protected

Our AI-powered Risk Management tool makes it easy for you to identify, assess, and mitigate risks to protect against threats and ensure the security, confidentiality, and integrity of customer information.

Key benefits

  • Quickly identify risks using our risk library
  • Use Comply AI for Risks to automate risk assessments
  • Link mitigating controls and attach documents to show how you are reducing risk
  • Continuously manage and monitor risk using the risk register

Maintain FTC Safeguards Rule compliance with continuous monitoring

Maintain FTC Safeguards Rule compliance by continuously monitoring your system and network for changes. Ensure you are meeting FTC Safeguards Rule requirements with automated integration tests and real-time alerts on nonconformities across your technology stack.   

Key benefits

  • Automatic control testing via continuous configuration data collection from 200+ integrations
  • Real-time alerts on misconfigurations with easy-to-follow remediation guidance

Easily unlock new frameworks

Secureframe’s automated compliance platform has a common control layer that makes it easy to apply the same controls you have completed to additional frameworks, so you can save time meeting new standards.

Obtaining FTC Safeguards Rule compliance gives you a jumpstart to these other frameworks with Secureframe-authored common controls:

ISO 27001

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End-to-end compliance right at your fingertips

Automated tests, continuous monitoring, and risk management with the support you need — all in one place.


Spend less time on compliance

Quickly achieve FTC Safeguards Rule and strengthen your security posture with automated evidence collection and real-time monitoring. 


Use security as a launchpad

Demonstrate your security posture and save time responding to security questionnaires to build customer confidence and accelerate sales.


Spend less time on compliance

Quickly achieve FTC Safeguards Rule and strengthen your security posture with automated evidence collection and real-time monitoring.