Secureframe Trusted Partner Program Expands, Offering More Opportunity for Partners to Grow Their Business and Revenue

  • October 20, 2022

Emily Bonnie

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Today we announced new partnerships and launch partners for the Secureframe Trust API as part of our expanded Secureframe Trusted Partner Program. Our industry-leading partner ecosystem helps our customers achieve and maintain compliance while enabling our partners to deliver more value to their customers, expand into new markets, and unlock new revenue streams. 

The latest additions to the Secureframe partner ecosystem include Rootly, Electric, Basis Theory, and Indent, with the latter two serving as launch partners for the new Secureframe Trust API. Adding these innovative platforms to our suite of more than 100 integrations will help our mutual customers further automate and streamline their compliance with the most rigorous global security and privacy standards, like SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, and many others.

Secureframe Founder and CEO Shrav Mehta commented on the momentum of our partner program and its value to customers and partners alike: “Our customers look to Secureframe as the most comprehensive automated security and privacy compliance platform to help them get and stay compliant. Our partner ecosystem is a critical part of our all-in-one solution, offering integrations to hundreds of tools that our customers use in their business every day, as well as pre-vetted partnerships with virtual CISOs, consultants, pen testers, and auditors who can help our customers complete their audits and certifications with speed and ease. The trust and confidence that customers have in Secureframe extends to our network of partners who are able to grow their business as a result.” 

The value of partnering with Secureframe was echoed by Russ Cobb, CMO at Cobalt who commented, “We are impressed with the innovation coming out of Secureframe, from their automated compliance platform to the depth and breadth of the Secureframe Trusted Partner Program in enabling not only our success, but the success of our joint customers.”

Similarly, Ryan Johanson, CPA, Partner at Johanson Group noted, “Partnering with Secureframe has accelerated our business growth through a steady stream of new clients and access to a best-in-class security and privacy compliance platform that shortens the audit process for us and our clients.”

Read on for the details of the announcement.

Integration partners

Secureframe provides more than one hundred pre-built integrations to the most popular applications across cloud services, identity providers, background checks, HR and people management, device management, developer tools, single sign on, and more. These automated connectors identify security and privacy compliance gaps and capture compliance evidence from ADP Workforce Now, AirWatch, Asana, AWS, BambooHR, Bitbucket, CharlieHR, Checkr, Cloudflare, Datadog, Finch, Fleetsmith, GitHub, GitLab, Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Gusto, Heroku, Hexnode, Jamf, Jira, Jumpcloud, Justworks, Kandji, Kolide, Linear, Microsoft Azure, Azure Active Directory and Azure DevOps, Microsoft Office 365, Mosyle, Okta, Paycom, Paylocity, Personio, Pivotal Tracker, Render, Rippling, Shortcut, Slack, Trello, TriNet, Vetty, Zenefits, and many others.

As a new integration partner, Rootly’s platform helps joint customers automate manual, administrative work during incidents. With incident management a core part of SOC 2 compliance, the integration enables a list of resolved incidents to be sent from Rootly to the Secureframe platform, automates the capture of incident follow up action items from Rootly into Secureframe, and enables Secureframe to ensure the right users in Rootly have admin access for appropriate access control.

Rootly Co-founder and COO JJ Tang commented on the benefits of the integration, “Since we learned about Secureframe, we knew a partnership made perfect sense. Incident management is a core function of compliance across certifications such as SOC 2 and what better way to automate it than by integrating Rootly with the industry-leading security and privacy compliance platform, Secureframe.” 

To read more about Rootly’s integration with Secureframe, read the blog.

Secureframe Trust API

Building on the breadth and depth of Secureframe’s pre-built integrations, the Secureframe Trust API will offer customers the flexibility to customize their security and privacy compliance programs to meet the unique needs of their business. It will enable partners and developers to automatically send audit evidence to the Secureframe platform, unlocking real-time compliance data to further demonstrate an organization’s security and privacy posture. 

Partners can expect to see higher renewal rates through increased customer satisfaction as Secureframe makes it easier for their clients to achieve their compliance goals. Partners can also focus developer resources on core functionality rather than compliance-specific features, leading to faster growth.

Customers can expect to see more automation as our partners pull compliance-related data and send it to Secureframe via the API. This means faster audit readiness and a more robust security, privacy, and compliance posture. And as customer tech stacks grow and diversify, the Secureframe Trust API will make it easier for new partners to build integrations and ensure these customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of automation.

For example, launch partner Indent automates change management for access control while Basis Theory’s tokenization satisfies more than 90% of the requirements for PCI DSS, both helping customers further streamline their security and privacy compliance processes.

Indent Co-founder and CEO Fouad Matin commented on the value of the integration with Secureframe, “We’re excited to be a launch partner for the innovative Secureframe Trust API, which paired with the company’s pre-built integrations delivers the comprehensive compliance platform our customers need. By integrating with Secureframe, we can automatically send access review events to Secureframe as evidence for SOC 2 audits. This creates tremendous value for our customers. By further automating the compliance process, they can focus on serving customers and growing their business rather than chasing evidence.”

Basis Theory’s Co-founder and CEO Colin Luce added, “Secureframe is leading the charge on making compliance fully digital so companies can achieve continuous compliance across every stage of the process, and we’re thrilled to be a launch partner for the Secureframe Trust API. Basis Theory unlocks the value of PCI compliant data with a tokenized technology infrastructure that enables secure and compliant collaboration across teams, business partners, and product lines. By integrating directly with Secureframe, our customers will be able to connect compliance oversight and management directly to their technology infrastructure in Basis Theory, eliminating 95% of the effort required to get and stay compliant with new regulations on the rise.”

Secureframe CEO Shrav Mehta noted the momentum behind Secureframe’s partner program and its benefits, “We anticipate strong continued momentum of the Secureframe Trusted Partner Program and demand for the Secureframe Trust API by enabling more custom applications of Secureframe in our joint customers’ businesses. Enabling this deeper customization of our platform will help accelerate our growth by attracting more partners to our ecosystem and more customers to our platform, especially enterprises looking for a flexible, all-in-one GRC solution.”

To read more about Indent’s integration with Secureframe, read the blog. To read more about Basis Theory’s integration with Secureframe, read the blog.

Channel partners

Channel partners, including resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), provide IT and security services to their customers by aggregating best-in-class solutions and technology. Secureframe offers channel partners a comprehensive, all-in-one automated compliance platform for their customers. This includes a suite of world-class governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions like continuous monitoring, personnel and asset inventory management, vendor access and risk management, a risk register, enterprise policy management, automated tests, data rooms, and reporting—all to help their customers achieve and maintain compliance.

Penetration testing partners

As part of the Secureframe Trusted Partner Program, Secureframe partners with leading penetration testing firms to help customers conduct comprehensive security assessments of their systems using simulated cyber attacks that identify exploitable vulnerabilities across people, processes, and technology. Pen testing partners include Cobalt, CyAlpha Cyber Solutions, Federacy, GRSee, Insight Assurance, Lost Rabbit Labs, Prescient Security, Rhymetec, Secure Cloud Innovations, Software Secured, TrustFoundry, and others.

Audit partners

Secureframe helps auditors streamline the audit process with clear, detailed reporting, dashboards, and data rooms that make auditing more transparent and straightforward. With support for custom controls and processes, Secureframe offers the flexibility auditors need to serve the unique needs of their clients’ complex environments. Secureframe audit partners include Aprio, Barr Advisory, British Assessment Bureau, Boulay, Consilium Labs, Control Logics, Daszkal Bolton, Hancock Askew, Insight Assurance, Johanson Group, KLR, MJD Advisors, Oread Risk, Prescient Assurance, Sensiba San Filippo, and ZeroDay, among others. 

Prescient Assurance Senior Auditor Hector Galvan highlighted the benefits of partnering with Secureframe, "As an auditor, Secureframe’s platform makes my job easier with less back-and-forth with clients—whether it’s SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, or any other framework.”

The Secureframe Trusted Partner Program offers the most comprehensive security and privacy compliance ecosystem for integration, channel, pen test, audit, and other partners. Organizations interested in partnering with Secureframe may visit for more information.