Enhancements to Secureframe Third-Party Risk Management Now GA

  • June 06, 2024

Donna Lee

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Secureframe

We are excited to announce that the enhancements to Secureframe Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), introduced at RSA 2024, are now generally available. The enthusiastic feedback from the cybersecurity community at RSA confirmed the critical need for a scalable and flexible TPRM solution, and we are thrilled to bring these powerful enhancements to our customers today.

The updates to Secureframe TPRM streamline the way organizations handle third-party risks, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to make third-party risk management more efficient than ever. With Secureframe TPRM, organizations can now easily identify, mitigate, and continuously monitor third-party risks.

Centralized Third-Party Risk Management

Secureframe TPRM provides a centralized platform where you can access a comprehensive inventory of all third parties your organization uses, including vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners, software providers, open source projects, and other external entities. When discussing Secureframe TPRM features, we use "vendor" instead of "third party" for the sake of concision and consistency with the platform's UI.

  • Centralized view of all things TPRM: The “Vendors” tab in Secureframe offers access to an inventory containing both active and archived vendors, complete with their risk levels. Each vendor profile provides detailed information about services and security compliance, including authentication methods and audit results, ensuring comprehensive vendor oversight. 
  • Risk Management: Admins can evaluate a vendor’s risk based on the data and environments they access, and all relevant documents, such as compliance reports and policies, can be attached to the vendor’s profile for easy access. Perform detailed risk assessments by reviewing compliance documents, security attestations, and reports. 
  • Continuous Monitoring: Assign owners to each vendor, and schedule annual or one-time reviews to ensure ongoing risk management. This end-to-end approach ensures that risks are minimized and compliance is maintained throughout the vendor relationship.

Advanced Third-Party Risk Management

As your compliance and security program evolves, so does your need for advanced risk management tools. For customers seeking to scale their third-party risk management program even further, Secureframe offers an Advanced TPRM option that includes several powerful features:

  • Comply AI for TPRM: Streamline the security assessment process by automatically extracting answers from documents, saving you time and reducing manual effort, and enhancing the efficiency of security reviews.
  • Auto-Detect Shadow Vendors: Identify unauthorized applications and vendors accessed by your employees through Single Sign-On (SSO) to keep your vendor list up-to-date and prevent shadow IT.
  • Customizability: Tailor your third-party risk management program with custom scores, tags, departments, and risk assessments to meet your specific needs and risk frameworks.

Get Started with Secureframe TPRM Today

Secureframe’s enhanced TPRM solution provides the tools you need to build a secure and compliant third-party ecosystem. By centralizing and automating third-party review and risk management processes, our platform not only saves time but also strengthens your organization’s ability to prevent third-party data breaches and maintain compliance.

Upgrade to Advanced TPRM to give your risk management program the extra boost it needs for robust security and compliance. Start leveraging these new features today to ensure your third-party risk management program is as efficient and effective as possible.

To learn more about Secureframe TPRM and Comply AI, or to see these solutions in action, schedule a demo with our compliance experts today.