Respond to Security Questionnaires and RFPs Fast and Accurately with Secureframe Questionnaires

  • September 13, 2022

Emily Bonnie

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Secureframe

In today’s digital world, protecting sensitive information is top of mind for every company, from startups to enterprises. If you sell software services, inevitably you will be asked for proof of your organization’s security, privacy, and compliance posture. For most companies, this means filling out a lengthy security questionnaire. Even if you are SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliant, some companies still require their vendors to complete a detailed questionnaire.  

Security questionnaires and RFPs are a vital part of any due diligence process. When used well, they can help your organization build trust with new customers.

Completing RFPs and questionnaires is a highly manual process, wasting valuable resources

Responding to RFPs and security questionnaires has long been a manually-intensive, time consuming, and tedious process with questions that vary from customer to customer with no standardized format, set or order of questions. A security questionnaire may ask similar questions to ones you’ve seen before — but they’re not exactly the same, nor in the same format or order, so you can’t easily reuse answers. Some questions will be completely new, which means you need to bring in an expert to answer. 

What’s more, answers need to be kept up-to-date and at the ready, requiring coordination with internal resources and time-consuming project management to chase down updates. For too many organizations, the result is longer sales cycles, lost deals and lost revenue because they can’t respond fast enough to customer inquiries on their security, privacy and compliance posture. 

Managing all of this variability while the clock is ticking on a sale causes stress and slows your growth.

That’s why we built Secureframe Questionnaires, a machine learning-enabled solution that makes it fast and easy to respond to customer questions and demonstrate your organization’s security, privacy, and compliance posture. Secureframe responds to questionnaires using AI with 90%+ accuracy and delivers greater and greater accuracy with every approved response. 

Our goal was to automate and streamline the painful process of responding to RFPs and questionnaires, which also meant we had to build a system that kept a high level of accuracy in our suggested responses.

How Secureframe Questionnaires automates responses

Secureframe makes responding to security questionnaires and RFPs fast and easy by using machine learning to suggest answers based on previously answered questionnaires. All questions and responses are stored in our Knowledge Base and answers are updated as new RFPs and questionnaires are finalized. Subject-matter experts can also be assigned to answer specific questions in the Knowledge Base to ensure they are kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible. 

Customers simply upload an RFP or security questionnaire to Secureframe, verify Secureframe’s suggested answers from the Secureframe Knowledge Base, and export the completed document to the original format and send back to their customer. 

The benefits of Secureframe Questionnaires

With Secureframe Questionnaires, you can:

  • Access answers to security questions from the comfort of your browser: The Knowledge Base Chrome Extension opens a pop up window that allows you to quickly search and find answers to security questions from the comfort of your browser.
  • Close deals faster to unlock revenue: Secureframe’s automation makes it fast and easy to respond to RFPs and security questionnaires, returning completed answers back to your customers in their original format to accelerate deals, unlock revenue, and better compete.
  • Keep answers up-to-date: When paired with the Secureframe compliance platform, answers to RFPs and security questions are easily kept up-to-date and edited by your in-house SMEs, serving as your organization’s privacy, security, and compliance system of record.
  • Focus limited resources on your highest priorities: Rather than waste hours manually responding to RFPs and questionnaires, Secureframe’s machine learning-powered automation pulls the best answer for each question so you can focus your resources on serving customers and growing your business.

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