Introducing Secureframe API

  • November 16, 2023

Donna Lee

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Securing sensitive data is of the utmost importance to businesses of all sizes. As the demand for robust security measures continues to grow, so do the tools available to organizations to manage their processes and infrastructure. Streamlining and automating these processes with a unified tech stack is key for success.

Secureframe Comply leverages automation and AI to simplify manual processes that organizations need to complete to achieve and maintain compliance with global information security standards. Collecting and managing security evidence can be a complex and time-consuming process – by integrating with your technology infrastructure, we help you to automatically collect audit evidence and continuously monitor security hygiene for various aspects of your organization, from infrastructure and device management to background checks and training solutions.

While we offer more than 200 integrations out-of-the-box today, we’re excited to introduce Secureframe API. This REST API allows customers to programmatically write and read data, to and from Secureframe, so you can integrate with and pull evidence from any tool or service beyond our native integrations.

Secureframe API

Secureframe API allows you to connect any tool or service to Secureframe – whether it’s your cloud-based applications or your local systems – to automate data ingestion to and from your systems. This enables you to collect real-time data from your tech stack in one place for centralized compliance management and reporting. 

Build Automation Suited to Your Unique Business Needs

Every organization is unique, and so are its security requirements. Secureframe allows you to tailor your security & compliance program to match your specific business needs. Beyond custom frameworks, controls, and tests, you can leverage Secureframe API to create custom tools and scripts to ensure that your security measures align with your organizational requirements.

Save Time and Reduce the Risk of Human Error

Manual processes are prone to human error, and in security, even a small mistake can have significant consequences. By automating evidence collection with Secureframe API, you can reduce the need for manual intervention and eliminate the risk of human error - saving your team valuable time and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your security data.

Easily Manage API Authentication and Authorization

Access control and security go hand in hand. Secureframe simplifies the process of managing API access by allowing you to provision or revoke API keys for users at any time. Leverage role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure that API key authorization aligns with user role authorization. This not only strengthens your security program but also simplifies access management.

Documentation to Support You Along the Way

Secureframe API is built on REST API standards for easy implementation. We also provide extensive documentation and code samples in a variety of languages to guide you every step of the way. Whether you need help with use cases, authentication, creating a request, or versioning, you can rely on Secureframe's comprehensive resources to support your compliance journey. 

Unlock limitless automation with Secureframe API

By connecting with any tool and service in your existing tech stack, automating evidence collection, and providing a single pane of glass to manage all of your security and integration needs, Secureframe API opens up the full potential of Secureframe Comply to simplify the complex world of security. 

Ready to say goodbye to manual data collection and reduce the risk of human error? Schedule a demo or reach out to our team of compliance experts to discuss the possibilities of Secureframe's API integrations. You can also find all of our 200+ pre-built integrations on the integrations page in-app, and learn more in the comprehensive documentation for Secureframe API.