Enhancements to Secureframe Questionnaire Automation

  • April 09, 2024

Donna Lee

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Security questionnaires are cumbersome—they typically involve hundreds of questions that require precise answers and input from stakeholders across an organization. This process is notoriously time-consuming, and often impedes sales cycles and diverts essential resources from core business activities. 

Secureframe Questionnaire Automation uses AI to save your team hundreds of hours filling out time-consuming questionnaires and RFPs. The product uses the Knowledge Base (your central repository for storing security posture information) and compliance data you already have stored on the Secureframe platform to automatically generate answers to common security questions.

Secureframe’s recent update introduces huge enhancements to Questionnaire Automation functionality, making the process of filling out and returning questionnaires much quicker, more automated, and more accurate. 

Bulk Uploading to Knowledge Base

Now, you can upload Excel files containing questions and answers directly to your Knowledge Base. The application provides an easy way to tag and identify content to store for use on future questionnaires. 

Tagging Interface Upgrade

Tagging questions and answers has never been easier. The updated interface introduces enhancements to the tagging process, as well as click-and-drag and column-wise select functionalities, so users can tag groups of bulk-selected cells as a question, yes/no/NA, true/false, or a free-form answer. This ensures that each question and answer is accurately tagged, laying the foundation for a more precise automation process.

Answer Verification Updates and Redesign

We’ve made a significant upgrade to our answer verification process, including a more intuitive user experience and upgraded AI-suggested answers. Questionnaire Automation will show users the data source from which the answers are pulled to autofill questions. Answers are populated using data from your Knowledge Base, generative AI, control and test information pulled from Secureframe Comply, and your organization’s policies, to save you and your team time that could be spent on business critical work.

Additionally, on the answer verification screen you can now attach evidence or policies to questions. These attachments would be images, files, or links to your organization’s policies in Secureframe Comply. Admins can also add tags on individual questions without having to go to the Knowledge Base.

Seamless Attachments and Exports

Finally, the process concludes with the ability to download your completed spreadsheet along with any attachments. When a user completes a questionnaire containing answers with attachments, they’ll have the ability to download a zip file with all documents including the questionnaire response CSV and attached evidence or policies. This ensures that all your efforts culminate in a neatly packaged output, ready for submission or further review.

Get Started 

These updates greatly simplify the process of completing security questionnaires. Secureframe’s Questionnaire Automation product helps customers not only save time, but also improve the accuracy and relevance of their questionnaire responses. By streamlining the process from start to finish, Secureframe ensures that businesses can focus on what matters most: securing their data and systems without getting bogged down by the administrative overhead of questionnaire completion. 

To learn more about Questionnaire Automation or any of Secureframe’s other powerful features, reach out to schedule a demo with one of our compliance experts.