Introducing the PCI DSS Compliance Hub: 20+ Free Resources to Simplify Compliance

  • July 26, 2023

Anna Fitzgerald

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Today we’re excited to announce our new PCI DSS Compliance Hub, a collection of 20+ free resources that covers everything you need to know about PCI DSS compliance in one place. 

Learn the basics of this framework, understand the compliance requirements, get tips and resources for achieving continuous compliance, and much more. 

Check out the complete PCI DSS Compliance Hub. 

New Resources to Simplify PCI DSS

Any organization that stores, handles, stores, transmits, or could impact the security of cardholder data must comply with PCI DSS. Organizations that do not comply face penalties and violations, as well as less tangible consequences like the loss of customer trust.

We built the Hub as a one-stop resource to demystify the compliance process, with 20+ articles and over a dozen illustrations, charts, and infographics. Our team of PCI DSS experts added insights and best practices from their years of auditing experience throughout the Hub. 

The Hub offers a self-guided learning experience. You can:

  • Navigate sequentially to learn about PCI DSS from start to finish
  • Use the chapter navigation to jump directly into the information you’d like to learn
  • Choose a learning path depending on where you are in the compliance process (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)
  • Use the search bar on the Hub main page to quickly find answers to specific questions 

What’s inside the PCI DSS Hub? 

The PCI DSS Compliance Hub is broken down into five main categories:

1. PCI DSS Overview: Learn the basics of PCI DSS, including why it was created, how it applies to your business and customers, the benefits of compliance, and the consequences of non-compliance.

2. PCI DSS Requirements: Understand the PCI DSS requirements, compliance levels, and definition of cardholder data. 

3. PCI DSS Compliance Process, Timelines, and Costs: Get a breakdown of the PCI DSS compliance process, audit process, timeline, and costs associated with getting and staying compliant. 

4. Automating PCI DSS Compliance: Find out how automation can help simplify the compliance process, and find out what compliance software can (and can’t) do.

5. PCI DSS Tools and Resources: Get a curated list of PCI DSS tools and resources to help on your journey to achieving compliance. 

Looking for more compliance resources?

Check out our new library of compliance resources, from additional compliance hubs on popular frameworks to policy templates, readiness checklists, and much more.