Introducing the HIPAA Compliance Hub: 25+ Free Resources to Simplify Compliance

  • February 14, 2023

Emily Bonnie

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Today we’re excited to announce our new HIPAA Compliance Hub, a collection of 25+ free resources that cover everything you need to know about HIPAA compliance in one spot. 

The HIPAA Hub explains core concepts and terms, answers common questions, and shares strategies and best practices for getting and staying compliant. 

Check out the complete HIPAA Compliance Hub.

New Resources to Simplify HIPAA Compliance 

If you’re just getting started with HIPAA compliance, the process and scope of what needs to be done can be overwhelming. We built the Hub as a one-stop resource to demystify the compliance process, with 25+ articles and over a dozen illustrations, charts, and infographics. Our team of HIPAA experts also added insights and best practices from their years of experience throughout the Hub. 

The Hub offers a self-guided learning experience. You can navigate sequentially to learn about HIPAA from start to finish or use the chapter navigation to jump directly into the information you’d like to learn. You can also use the search bar on the Hub main page to quickly find answers to specific questions. 

What’s inside the HIPAA Hub? 

The HIPAA Compliance Hub is broken down into six main sections:

  • HIPAA Overview: Learn the basics of HIPAA, including its history and purpose, as well as who the law applies to. 
  • HIPAA Rules & Requirements: Learn about the five HIPAA Rules and the requirements associated with each one. 
  • Achieving HIPAA Compliance: Learn what it takes to become HIPAA compliant, from required documentation and procedures to common costs.
  • HIPAA Violations: Learn who enforces HIPAA, the different types of violations and penalties, and exceptions to HIPAA requirements. 
  • Automating HIPAA Compliance: Learn how automation simplifies and streamlines HIPAA compliance, and find out what security and privacy compliance software can (and can’t) do. 
  • HIPAA Tools and Resources: Find a curated list of HIPAA tools and resources to help on your compliance journey.

Looking for more compliance resources?

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