Introducing the GRC Hub: 25+ Free Resources to Simplify Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • October 26, 2023

Anna Fitzgerald

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Secureframe


Emily Bonnie

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Secureframe

Today, organizations are challenged to continuously and reliably achieve their objectives while addressing more uncertainty than ever before.

At Secureframe, we’re passionate about helping customers achieve sustainability and efficiency through governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Understanding the purpose, benefits, and process of implementing a GRC program can help set organizations up for success. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new GRC Hub, a collection of 25+ free resources that covers everything you need to know about governance, risk, and compliance in one place. Learn the basics of GRC, understand each component and how they relate to each other, get tips and resources for implementing a GRC program, and much more. 

Check out the complete GRC Hub. 

New resources to simplify GRC

By implementing an organization-wide strategy that combines corporate governance, risk, and compliance functions, growing companies can create more efficient operations, prevent financial losses, promote a brand reputation built on trust, be more agile, increase their resilience to both internal and external threats, and maintain continuous compliance with required standards and regulations. 

But to unlock these benefits, organizations need to clearly understand GRC and how to build a centralized GRC program and mature it over time. 

We built the Hub as a one-stop resource to demystify GRC, with 25+ articles and over a dozen illustrations, charts, and infographics. Our team of security and compliance experts added insights and best practices from their years of cybersecurity and auditing experience throughout the Hub. 

The Hub offers a self-guided learning experience. You can:

  • Navigate sequentially to learn about GRC from start to finish
  • Use the chapter navigation to jump directly into the information you’d like to learn
  • Choose a learning path depending on your knowledge of GRC (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)
  • Use the search bar on the Hub main page to quickly find answers to specific questions 

What’s inside the GRC Hub? 

The GRC Hub is broken down into six main categories:

  • GRC Overview: Learn the basics of GRC, including why it’s important, what its key components are, and how it’s different from integrated risk management.
  • Governance: Discover the essentials of cybersecurity and data governance so you can establish the policies, strategies, and overall direction needed to keep your data secure. 
  • Risk: Deep dive into the risk management process so you understand what strategies, tools, and policies to put in place to help protect your organization from cyber attacks.
  • Compliance and Auditing: Find out what steps a company needs to take to meet standards and regulations to run safely and legally.
  • How to Implement a GRC Program: Get tools, resources, and best practices for developing a GRC program, evaluating its effectiveness, and building its maturity over time. 
  • GRC Automation: Learn how automation can help simplify and streamline GRC activities by improving visibility and coordination across business units, centralizing and enhancing risk management, and helping ensure continuous compliance.

Looking for more compliance resources?

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